Mental Health – How Managers Should Respond

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Workplace Mental Health: How Manager’s Should Respond, is a half-day instructor led training solution aimed at providing participants with the knowledge, tools and techniques to be able to respond in real-time to mental health issues in their workplace. The intent of this course is to enable managers to be proactive, as well as reactive, to staff mental health needs that may arise. This solution provides managers with the tools and resources on how to deal with workplace mental health occurrences but also promote a psychologically healthy and safe workplace culture.

Content Summary

Topics include:

Ø Role of the Manager and Mental Health

Ø Laying the Foundation

Ø Opening the Lines of Communication

Ø Responding Effectively

Ø Internal and External Resources

Ø Framework to prepare for difficult conversations

After completion participants will be able to:

Ø Discuss the role managers play in managing workplace mental health

Ø Describe workplace impacts on mental health

Ø Apply a framework to prepare for difficult conversations

Ø Explore various support and accommodation approaches to effectively manage mental health situations.